Reinventing water treatment

Zero wastewater discharge

Hydrokemos is a highly innovative water engineering company providing end-to-end water treatment solutions.Using our HYK modular system, we can close the nitrogen cycle without generating waste.

Complete elimination of nitrates, ammonium, cyanides, sulphides, among others, without using chemical additives, or producing sludge or waste, at very competitive operating and investment costs

Zero Drop Electro Treatment

eliminates ammonium and nitrate and turns it into nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen gas, without generating any kind of solid or liquid waste

100% water harvesting

Zero drop technology uses all the water and does not pre-concentrate the pollutant

No chemical reagents

Energy accounts for 98% of the operating cost and only 2% goes to reagent and pH regulation costs

Modular and expandable

HYK technology is an easily expandable modular system. Modules are supplied according to the needs to eliminate the pollution load.

Robust and autonomous system

allows the plant to run practically autonomously. The system also features a remote control and remote management system

Competitive cost

Highly competitive in terms of capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenditure (OPEX)

Electro treatment of industrial wastewaters

The HYK technology developed by Hydrokemos is a specific electrochemical technology that eliminates nitrates and ammonium. It converts the nitrogen species dissolved in water into nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen gas. What’s more, it is environmentally harmless and does not generate waste.


Technical-economic studies
  • Laboratory testing to determine contaminant removal kinetics with HYK reactors.
  • Water analysis.
  • Estimation of CAPEX and OPEX.
Module rental and demo testing
  • Delivery of HYK modules to test the feasibility of HYK technology in situ.
  • Long-term rental of HYK modules.
  • Visits to other clients' HYK plants.
Process engineering
  • Solutions tailored to each type of water.
  • Turnkey engineering: design, construction, and commissioning of all kinds of water treatment plants
Resource management
  • In-person and/or online technical assistance.
  • Maintenance of treatment facilities.
  • Training for the client's operators on how the plant works.


Industries with nitrogen wastewaters

Chemical Industry | Pharmaceutical | Food | Metallurgical | Glass

Leachate and compost treatment plants

Landfills | Composting plants | Solid urban waste

Purification of nitrate-contaminated waters

Drinking water supply | Agri-food industry

Over 20% of the earth's groundwater is polluted by nitrates

The widespread use of nitrogen fertilisers and the poor management of agricultural slurry are ever-growing problems that affects the quality of groundwater. Consuming water with a high concentration of nitrates is harmful to our health, especially for children.

HYK technology is patented by Hydrokemos and endorsed by the European Commission in the Horizon2020 project.

All the water is used. No waste is generated. That’s why HYK technology is considered a clean and environmentally friendly technology.

Hydrokemos is a leader in the development, manufacture, and supply of clean and innovative solutions for the treatment of any type of water