Visit of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Program Officer

Hydrokemos has been visited by the Horizon SME Instrument program officer, Marco Rubinato, to meet our team and to see how is developing the Watify project.
The visit has begun in the company laboratory, sited in the Instituto Químico de Sarrià, in Barcelona.
Then, has continued in the electrodenitrification plant for alimentary industry (HYK-FP) located on a farm in Malla, Osona, where the nitrate content in water is reduced from 70 to 45 ppm, to be used in their installations, as potable water.
Finally, the visit has ended in the electrodenitrification plant (HYK-HNR), located on a metallurgical company where the process water with more than 10.000ppm of nitrate are treated to reduce to 100ppm, for accomplish with the spill specifications.
The officer, Marco Rubinato has shown his interest and satisfaction for the advance of the Watify Project and the results obtained until now.