Here at Hydrokemos we provide specific solutions for all kinds of water and we manage all the stages of the project.

Technical-economic studies

The solution must correspond to the type of water and its specific problems. Hydrokemos provides technical-economic studies with HYK technology, as well as conventional water treatment technologies.

The Hydrokemos laboratory has the perfect equipment for each type of water. Identifying and avoiding possible analytical problems allows us to obtain more representative values to determine operating and/or capital expenditure.

HYK technology can be tested on a laboratory scale with a small HYK reactor. We can estimate the operating and/or capital expenditure based on the results.

HYK plant rent

Hydrokemos offers the possibility to test HYK technology directly at the customer’s installations thanks to our easy to install and operate HYK plug & play containerized modules. Depending on the performance obtained and the customer’s needs, we can offer a more adjusted operating and investment cost.

HYK plug & play modules are also offered on a long-term lease/rental basis to avoid investment costs for the customer.

Process engineering

Hydrokemos can carry out water purification and reuse engineering projects both with HYK technology and with conventional technologies, depending on the client’s requirements and the most appropriate solutions for each type of water.

We deliver turnkey engineering: advice, design, construction, assembly, installation, and commissioning of all kinds of water treatment plants.

Resource management

Hydrokemos’ team of multidisciplinary and qualified personnel means that we are ready to provide technical assistance and maintenance both in person and online, so clients have nothing to worry about.

The complete automation of Hydrokemos plants allows the plants to operate automatically with remote control and data acquisition.

Hydrokemos provides training courses for the operation and maintenance of plants with HYK technology, allowing clients to operate and maintain the plant using in-house resources.

Hydrokemos is a leader in the development, manufacture, and supply of clean and innovative solutions for the treatment of any type of water
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