HYK technology is backed by more than 15 years of research and development with different types of water, from drinking water to wastewater.

The HYK technology developed by Hydrokemos is an electrochemical technology

The Hydrokemos technique is a specific electrochemical technology for the elimination and/or reduction of oxidisable compounds that converts them into environmentally harmless N2, H2, CO2 and O2 (air). Therefore, it does not generate any waste or by-products that should be treated after the electrochemical process.

Oxidisable compounds are not separated and concentrated as in other technologies, but are electrochemically reduced into gaseous, biodegradable or harmless species. For this reason, HYK technology is considered a clean and environmentally friendly technology.


Structural diagram of an electrochemical cell of a Hydrokemos module.

The internationally patented HYK technology, financed and endorsed by the European Commission in the Horizon2020 project, is highly competitive in terms of capital and operating expenditure.

The features that set HYK technology apart from other currently available technologies are:

Clean technology that does not generate waste

Transforms pollutants dissolved in water into biodegradable or harmless gases
and species, without generating any type of solid or liquid waste.

It is a very robust electrochemical technology.

It adapts easily to changes in the concentration of the pollutant and is not affected by changes in pH or temperature, among other parameters.

Highly competitive in terms of CAPEX and OPEX

The operating costs of the process are basically the energy costs. 98% of the cost is the energy and only 2% the cost of reagents.

Easily expandable modular system

Modules are supplied depending on the need
to remove ammonium or other contaminants

Autonomous operation

The system features an automated operation system as well as remote control and management, Industry 4.0. The customer can visualise, online and in real time, all operating parameters such as power consumption, flow rates, conductivity, pH, RedOx, among many other HYK plant operating variables.

Avoidance of transport and external treatment of aqueous waste

External treatment of waste involves cost overruns, risks, environmental impact and uncertain liabilities. With HYK technology, we avoid transporting waste away from the customer’s premises for safe disposal or reuse. In this way we reduce operating costs, automate the process and avoid environmental impact, reducing the water and carbon footprint.

The know-how of the process resides in the materials used as electrodes and in the specific operating conditions to eliminate the desired pollutants for each specific type of water, with maximum performance and at the lowest cost.

Hydrokemos is a leader in the development, manufacture, and supply of clean and innovative solutions for the treatment of any type of water